1083 (Uxbridge) Squadron is now closed following Government advice due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are currently looking to re-open on the 20th April, but will post details here should this date change. Cadets are still encouraged to sit their Ultilearn exams and update their Duke of Edinburgh award whilst the unit is stood down. Keep an eye on your email as Squadron staff will be in touch if there are things you need to complete.


Update 17th March - All RAF Air Cadet face-to-face activity has now stopped, this includes all off Squadron activities.




Q - I can't see the exam I need to take on Ultilearn, what should I do? Email the training officer at and request access.


Q - Can I still attend weekend activities? No all Air Cadet activity has now been cancelled.


Q - When will Cadets recommence? This is being reviewed daily, the Squadron is due to return on April 20th, however Cadets should keep an eye on this page and on Cadet Portal for activities resuming.


Q - I can't access Cadet Portal, what should I do? Email the adjutant on


Q - Do I need to book leave? No, all Cadets are authorised during the stand down period.


Q - I was due to passout of the Intake in March, what will happen now? We will be rescheduling the passout parade once the Squadron resumes.


Q - I am meant to be training for ISCRM in July, should I still request leave from School? We currently do not know when activities will resume, Cadets may wish to request leave from School in case ISCRM goes ahead; the leave can be cancelled later if it doesn't.


Q - If we are not parading do I still need to pay subs? The Squadron is a recognised charity that runs a non-profit policy; however our Civilian Welfare Committee understands the coming months maybe financially difficult on families and have agreed to wave a 1 month subscription collection on 6th April. This will be reviewed on an on-going basis.