For specific communications regarding activities and DofE please look at web page: Cadet Information > Announcements. This area is password protected, please check your email for a message from Flt Lt Mann on 16th April 2020 for the password.

Update 05/10/2020 - 1083 is planning a phased re-opening beginning October 2020. All parents will be contact by phone to discuss the reopening plans and to schedule a COVID-19 Secure briefing for their son/daughter to attend. Due to COVID-19 measures limiting us to 60 Cadets per week, we are unable to offer places for all of our Cadets to return to face-to-face parades. As such we will operate a waiting list for Cadets to return; if a Cadet books extended study leave for Exams or a Cadet doesn't attend/book leave for 3 parade nights in a row, we will re-allocated your place to another Cadet on the waiting list.


Measures we are required to implement are issued by HQ Air Cadets, drawn from the National Youth Association and Government Guidelines; these include:


 - Maximum bubble sizes of 15 Cadets to limit the effects of a COVID-19 outbreak;

 - 2m social distancing measures, 1m+ where not possible with extra measures;

 - Hand washing on arrival and departure; sanitizing stations around the Sqn and for activities involving shared equipment; 

 - Wearing of face coverings in doors (unless exempt under government guidelines); 

 - Outdoor activities were possible;

 - Additional cleaning measures; 

 - No face to face seating plans.


Any parents wishing to discuss COVID-19 concerns should email me on requesting a call back. For urgent concerns please contact the Squadron on 01895 230891 Mon/Thurs 7pm-10pm, or by email outside of these times.


Flt Lt Lorraine Mann

Commanding Officer




Q - Will I be parading on Monday and Thursday when we go back? Cadets will return one night per week, allocated to a specific day/bubble. Cadets are encouraged to connect virtually from home on the alternate evening for syllabus lessons delivered by one of our instructors using Microsoft Teams.


Q - Do all Cadets have to return? No, Parents should decide whether their son/daughter can return. Cadets who cannot return at this time can remain Cadets if they wish until they are able to return. Please keep an eye on our virtual parade sessions every Monday and Thursday if you are parading from home.


Q - Why was I not selected to return to face to face training on the Squadron? Government guidelines have meant our building is operating at reduced capacity; Cadets were selected based on their attendance in the 3 months prior to lockdown. 


Q - If I haven't been selected to return to onsite parades can I still participate in other ways? Yes, you can still parade virtually from home and attend day events at weekends and during School holidays (see Cadet Portal for details).


Q - When will subscriptions restart? Subscriptions will begin in November 2020, they have been reduced to £5 until the end of the year. We will confirm the amount for January 2021 in December.


Q - Are weekend and residential activities happening? Weekend day activities have restarted, see Cadet Portal for details and to sign up. Residential activities are still suspended until 2021.


Q - I can't access Cadet Portal, what should I do? Email the adjutant on


Q - I can't see the exam I need to take on Ultilearn, what should I do? Email the training officer at and request access.



Q - Do I need to book leave if I cannot attend? Yes, you should book leave if you cannot attend for any reason, including requesting leave for exams. Email


Q - I don't feel well, what should I do? Cadets are requested to not attend if they are feeling under the weather for any reason, not just for COVID-19 symptoms; book leave and stay at home until you are well again.


Q - I was due to passout of the Intake in March 2020, what will happen now? We are unable to run pass-out parades and award ceremonies at the time. The passout and 2019-2020 awards presentation will be rescheduled for 2021. Cadets will be presented with badges for their uniform, certificates will be presented at the passout.



Q - I can't complete my DofE activity because of Social Distancing, can I change my activity? Yes you can but before you do you must speak to the Squadron staff. Please either email or speak to them on a Virtual Parade session. Squadron staff will be contacting you shortly to discuss your DofE award with you.