Air Cadets Uniform Guide

Welcome to the Air Cadets Uniform Guide section of the 1083 (Uxbridge) Squadron website!

If you need to order new uniform, please visit the stores page.

The images above outline the range of uniforms worn by cadets.

Throughout cadets, you will acquire different badges when participating in activities. Full details of this can be found on the Progressive Training Syllabus page. Every cadet is required to wear a brassard.

Parade Shoes

These are to be purchased by cadets. We recommend RAF DMS shoes. These are high quality shoes which will outlast your cadet career (once feet have stopped growing). These can be purchased from the suppliers below.



Cadet direct - Size 1-5.5:

Cadet direct - Size 6-9:

Army Navy Surplus (second hand): 

Surplus & Outdoors (second hand): 



Cadet Direct:

Army Navy Surplus (second hand): 

Surplus & Outdoors:

Surplus & Outdoors (second hand): 

British Military Surplus (Second hand, grade 1): 


Please do not buy imported copies, these will not last, and do not polish to the high standards required by the unit.

Visit stores to check your shoe size.



If you are unsure, speak to your flight NCO.