Welcome to the website of 1083 (Uxbridge) Squadron, Air Training Corps. The site will provide you with an introduction to the unit, details of the activities our cadets participate can in, and information on how you can join us.


The unit is based in a purpose build headquarters within the Reserve Forces compound on Honeycroft Hill. We are one of the largest units within the Middlesex Wing of Air Cadet squadrons. We have approximately 80 young people who meet regularly on a twice weekly basis.


We work exceptionally hard to provide young people with a fantastic experience within the Corps. Not only providing remarkable experiences and opportunity, but also with additional qualifications as part of our excellent training programme. We offer various BTEC's such as a BTEC in Aviation and Music. We offer the opportunity to fly gliders and experience a helicopter flight.

        Our ATC training syllabus gives our cadets the opportunity to grow as an individual in self respect, learning self-discipline and gaining many skills that will enrich their abilities that will allow them to find success in life, which will help them to not only grow as an individual but develop their confidence and leadership skills when working in groups with others.